A few of Christina’s Magazine Articles

Christina Keim is a travel writer and narrative journalist with a specialty in equestrian-themed topics. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in a wide variety of digital and print media, including Horse Network, The Plaid Horse, Tip of the Hat, Equine Journal, Horses Maine and NH, Green Mountain Horse Association Magazine, Woodstock Magazine, Strides, ARIA Instructor and Practical Horseman, and she is a regular contributor to the Chronicle of the Horse, UnTacked and Northeast Equestrian Life. She holds an M.Ed. and an M.F.A. from the University of New Hampshire.

A Closer Look at Heart of Phoenix (Untacked) WINNER, 2021 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards (Freelance Writer Personality Profile)

Back From The Brink: Kilkenny Cairo Heals At Her Home On The Range (Chronicle of the Horse)

From Untacked: A Closer Look At Mission Mustang (UnTacked)

From $400 Racetrack Reject To Hampton Classic Tricolor (Chronicle of the Horse)

Amateur Showcase: Amy MacDonald Brings Her Riding Lessons To The Workplace (Chronicle of the Horse)

Somewhere Between Marginal and Sufficient (Horse Network)

The Future of Equestrian Sport (Horse Network)

Saving Bentley: Trying to Rescue the Lost Lesson Horses (The Plaid Horse)

The Horses of London (Wanderlust Journal) September 2020

Sotto Voce (The Plaid Horse) (fiction) October 2020 print issue

Celebrating the incurable addiction which is being an equestrian

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